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  • 7:05
    Still from I’m an ex-Railway Man

    I’m an ex-Railway Man
    David Crafer
    Dave talks about his memories working on the railways from 1947-1971, and as a wireless operator during the war.
  • 7:50
    Still from Immigration Story

    Immigration Story
    Anon, Zimbabwe
    The political situation in Zimbabwe forced a mother to leave her children in Africa and escape to Britain. Due to fear of president…
  • 3:05
    Still from Iva’s Story

    Iva’s Story
    Iva Williams
    Britain is a lot different than Jamaica!
  • 3:19
    Still from Jack Mundy - Artist

    Jack Mundy - Artist
    Jack Mundy
    Bristol artist Jack Mundy is interviewed about his work by fellow art+power artist, John.
  • 2:34
    Still from Jacobs Wells Road

    Jacobs Wells Road
    Martin Rieser
    Co-incidence or sixth sense linking medieval Bristol to a moment of terror.
  • 2:07
    Still from Journey in the Woods

    Journey in the Woods
    “If you go down to the woods today…”
  • 3:18
    Still from Junior’s story

    Junior’s story
    Junior talks about how working for Bristol City Council has changed him from a difficult youth to a youth play worker, engaging…
  • 2:44
    Still from Just Walking

    Just Walking
    A Holdom
    Taking myself for a walk to work and what thoughts and feelings I have on the way.
  • 1:24
    Still from Kernow Forever

    Kernow Forever
    Noel Goodwin
    According to Noel, Bristol is being invaded.
  • 3:14
    Still from Kingsfield Bristol Stories (The Making of…)

    Kingsfield Bristol…
    Helen, Jade, Zoe, Dave…
    Young people who took part in a digital storytelling workshop at Kingsfield School talk about the process and techniques they used.
  • 1:35
    Still from Kingsfield Past and Present

    Kingsfield Past and…
    Dave and Adam
    Kingsfield School burnt down in 1976. Two modern-day pupils look back over how it was and how it is now.
  • 3:59
    Still from Kingsfield Past and Present (Teacher Style…)

    Kingsfield Past and…
    Dave and Adam
    Kingsfield pupils interview their teachers about their memories of the school and how teaching has changed during their careers.