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  • 4:13
    Still from A Zimbabwean living in Bristol

    A Zimbabwean living in…
    Forward, a Zimbabwean journalist, talks about the setting up of the Bristol Zimbabwe Association, and how the organisation deals…
  • 9:43
    Still from This is my home

    This is my home
    Maria talks about the difficulty of being an immigrant, and not being allowed to work in the UK.
  • 6:47
    Still from MDC - International

    MDC - International
    As president Mugabe increases the pressure on his political opponents, the Movement for Democratic Change seeks international…
  • 0:58
    Still from A Commuter’s tale

    A Commuter’s tale
    A view of Bristol from the top floor of a bus.
  • 3:23
    Still from Zimbabwe Relief

    Zimbabwe Relief
    Martin Munemo
    Martin uses his freedom to travel by helping children in Zimbabwe.
  • 3:14
    Still from Kingsfield Bristol Stories (The Making of…)

    Kingsfield Bristol…
    Helen, Jade, Zoe, Dave…
    Young people who took part in a digital storytelling workshop at Kingsfield School talk about the process and techniques they used.
  • 3:59
    Still from Kingsfield Past and Present (Teacher Style…)

    Kingsfield Past and…
    Dave and Adam
    Kingsfield pupils interview their teachers about their memories of the school and how teaching has changed during their careers.
  • 1:35
    Still from Kingsfield Past and Present

    Kingsfield Past and…
    Dave and Adam
    Kingsfield School burnt down in 1976. Two modern-day pupils look back over how it was and how it is now.
  • 1:40
    Still from A Century of Granny Moore

    A Century of Granny…
    A look back over the life of a 100 year old great grandmother by one of her great grandchildren.
  • 1:44
    Still from My Bristol

    My Bristol
    Helen comes back to see where she was born in Bristol, 21 years ago. It may not be for the last time…
  • 3:10
    Still from A Roman Adventure

    A Roman Adventure
    Oli and Rachel
    Oli and Rachel swap between fact and fiction as they chronicle the Museum of Bristol’s Roman Roots project.
  • 0:48
    Still from My Roman Villa

    My Roman Villa
    Charlie plays the part of a snobby Roman, and shows us around her modern villa, now an ancient ruin in Lawrence Weston.